Supportive Recovery Housing

A supportive, drug free environment is important, especially in early recovery. Our program provides individuals with the opportunity to stabilize and focus on setting attainable, treatment centered goals. Some of the benefits of staying in a recovery house are:

  • Structure. Individuals learn to fill their days with drug free, productive activities. Time management is instilled and will be beneficial once they are employed.
  • Support. The recovery process is not easy. Staying with others who understand how frustrating the recovery process can be helps keep individuals motivated to stay in treatment longer. They also have a chance to make positive friendships.
  • Safety. Individuals have little to no contact with drugs or paraphernalia. Stress and other triggers are managed with the support of counselors and peers.
  • Accountability. Everyone in a house is expected to follow the same house rules and are held accountable for their actions. Consequences are minimal in active addiction. Accountability teaches individuals adapt to necessary situations with out the use of alcohol or drugs.

Addiction Treatment Of Maryland offers two supportive housing options:

21 – Day Intensive Supportive Housing Program.

This program provides treatment at a Partial Hospitalization level of care. Individuals are engaged in treatment related activities throughout the day followed by social and life skills at the house with peers. Program Fee: $200 (includes utilities) Dinner is provided. Patients are responsible for food and toiletries

*Scholarships available for those who qualify.* For more information about Supportive Recovery Housing call 443-376-6800.

After completing the supportive housing program, individuals return home continue engaging in treatment or step down to

30 Day Intensive Outpatient with Supportive Housing Program

This program provides structure and accountability while supporting individuals experiencing life on life’s terms. Healthy routines are established as individuals engage in treatment while working or furthering their education. A drug free social network is built as hobbies and recreational activities are explored. After completing this program, continuing care is strongly recommended. Program Fee: $125 / week (includes utilities)