What We Offer

At Addiction Treatment of Maryland, we believe the substance is a small part of the addiction cycle. Long term recovery is attainable when the person is treated as a whole. Once the patient is stabilized by detox, maintenance or abstinence, the real work can begin. In addition to group, individual and family therapy, we have partnered with resources in the community to offer a variety of services that will assist our patients in achieving their full potential, becoming self sufficient and maintain long term recovery.

  • Family Counseling
  • Mental Health Therapy / Medication Management
  • Primary Care Services
  • HIV / STD Education
  • HIV / STD Testing
  • Legal Services
  • Job Training
  • Job readiness and support / coaching for employment
  • GED / Pre – GED class
  • Parenting Classes
  • Recovery Housing
  • Supportive Housing
Family Support

Addiction effects the whole family so the whole family must heal. AToM offers family sessions facilitated with your counselor. An on-line support group will begin in March, 2021. The group will be educational and supportive. It will focus on setting appropriate boundaries while supporting someone in addiction. 

Rebuild. Grow. Thrive.

Once the Patient has grown to become self sufficient, they usually disengage in treatment. It is important to stay connected with your program and your support network. We strongly encourage everyone who has been in our program to join our Facebook Alumni Page. This is a great way to keep in touch with positive people, share your progress and maintain contact with the counselors. If you ever need us, we are always here to help!